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Easy and Simple Steps In Painting Your House

If your a Calgary Painter  then  Painting is part of renovating and making your house new again. This is the easiest part of repairing your house. What you need is just the basic painting stroke and the perfect brush to start the tasks. If you are on a budget, then probably you can do your own house painting. If you have all the time to paint the house, there is no need to hire a paint contractor. You can learn as well through online for DIY painting ideas for fast and easy painting tips.

Painting your house means painting the inner part like the walls of your living room, the bedrooms and the kitchen walls. The outside part means the outer walls of the house. As to where you will start painting the house, the basic and simple steps of painting should be followed. Here are some easy and simple steps to follow:

Steps to Paint Your House

  1. Clean the surface – wash with soap and water the area to be painted. Cleanse with clean water after to take off the soap that is left.
  2. Pressure Wash – This means using a pressure washer in order to make a clean and smooth coverage. It should remove dust and dirt. Proper strokes should be from top to bottom in a controlled and smooth manner.
  3. Look for damages – before painting the house or any area of the house, look for some cracks or any damage on the walls or surfaces to be painted. You can apply sealers or fillers in order to make these surfaces smooth again. Once the surface is well polished and dry with a smooth texture, then you can begin to paint properly.
  4. Look for loose paint – if you are repainting a surface, look for the areas that has dry un removed paints. You can put a cloth on the ground and begin to take off those chipped paint areas by using a grit sanding block or paint scraper.
  5. Look for gaps – if there are any gaps of spaces from one area to another, then fill it in with a caulk using a caulk gun. Wait for it to dry up and be smooth before you do the paint job.
  6. Remove Stains – if there are stains and they are hard to remove through washing and brushing, then apply a stain remover or stain blocking primer and use it with a brush.
  7. Cover areas – if you are painting in an area that is near the light, windows and doors to protect them. You can use plastic sheets and painters tape to cover them.
  8. Changing colors – when you are to change the colors from light to dark or dark to light make sure you put on a coat of primer to the surface to protect the right coverage.


Painting your house takes time and usually depends on how big the area is to be painted on. It is really easy to paint your house on your own when you follow these easy steps. You can really save dollars in hiring a painting contractor. Grab a brush and paint your own house today.



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