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Simple things business owners can do themselves to increase Google rankings

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In today’s competitive market, calgary SEO is more imperative than ever, and the majority of users are likely to click on the top 5 pages that are suggested by Google. The importance of good Calgary SEO has also increased because people are looking for things online more than ever whether it is a shop for products or services they look online. And if your business or website is not on the top searches then you are clearly losing your potential clients to your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization is an extremely dynamic industry. If not careful, the best SEO pages can find their Google ranking going downer than they can imagine. However, if you don’t have the time to always keep up with this ever-changing industry, don’t worry there are simple ways that will ensure that your website or business always rank top on the Google ranking. Here are some of the simplest ways that will help your business to increase its Google ranking:

  • Every organization depends on the other organization to sell their products and services. List down all the firms that you use and endorse and provide these firms with testimonials. Companies often have a separate page on their website for testimonials which is a social proof to their potential customers. Typically, a company will agree at the opportunity to receive a testimonial from their satisfied customer and will be happy to link back to your page. This is a technique that benefits both the websites and provides them with an opportunity to build a strong relationship.
  • People love offers and discounts and organization loves to promote these benefits to their customers. Providing exclusive discounts to an organization or a club is a very effective way to get a link from them.
  • Search for the web pages that cited your website or business. Google will not count the mention of your website or page as a vote if there is no link back to your page. You can get Google Alerts to get an automatic notification so that anytime a website mentions your page or business, you will get an e-mail. This way you can get in touch with them and request them to get a link back to your website.
  • Creating superior products and services will help you generate buzz and add character to your website or page. Also, a well-written content is very important as it will help in catching Google’s eyes. When you publish a high-quality content regularly, get backlinks progressively and incorporate rich media (images and video) your ranking definitely improves.
  • One of the major mistakes that the pages make is aiming at the wrong keywords. Take enough time to evaluate the keywords to generate conversions and help you make money. One of the ways to do this is to use analytics software such as Google Analytics. Install this software on your website and see how people are interacting and coming across your site. On the whole, the website should target keywords that are high in search volumes, have less rate of competitiveness, and higher conversion rate.


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