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How to choose a reputable mover?


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The process of finding a reputable mover could be a bit overwhelming and costly. However, doing some homework would be worth it, and you will also save some money.

Ask your friends, colleague or local real estate agents if they can recommend a good calgary mover. Locate some moving companies near your home so that you can in-person do the assessment of the cost. Don’t completely rely on someone else’s estimate as they don’t know how many boxes you will have by the end of your packing. By finding the mover yourself, you will eliminate the risk of the scammer. Kindly don’t go for household goods brokerage services that recommend a moving company for you.

When you have listed down the potential movers, do a brief background check. Go online, or make a call to see if the company is a member who will verify that the company agreed to adhere to organization’s price lists and is a part of its adjudication program. Membership of AMSA is voluntary.

If you are moving to another city, ask if the moving company will give you written obligatory assessment or better if they will give you not-to-exceed assessment. These type of assessment will give you guarantee on what you will pay. For interstate moves, the estimates will be according to the weight of the things that you are moving and the distance from the place you move to the place you are moving.


You have things in the closets, basement, backyards, and attics that you want to have moved. And when the estimator comes to your home make sure you show them everything. If the estimator thinks that you have more stuff to move than estimate calculated, then he can alter the original estimate. While he cannot ask you for a higher price, he certainly doesn’t have to move your things for the originally estimated price. Also, make sure the estimator knows any detail of your moving that he might need to know like whether the new building has elevators or stairs.

The estimator will provide you with the documents, you and the moving company’s representative signed, the order for service and bill of landing. Also, you will get an inventory list made when your stuff was loaded. Ensure to look at the binding estimate as well as the mover’s signature along with a date. In the case of the interstate move, the estimate would describe the distance to the new place, type and quantity of goods, date of picking up and delivery date, and any other services provided by the moving company.

Be cautious of the company that offers you much lower than the others. Evaluate the high pricing bid and see where the extra costs are generating from. If you have any query, don’t hesitate in asking questions as well as don’t be afraid to negotiate to get the best reasonable price.

Now that you have gathered all the information, it is time go online again. Ensure that they are integrated into the city, and they have a good reputation.



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