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Best Tips for Asphalt Paving

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Do you need asphalt paving done for your driveway or walkway? It’s a somewhat major project, so it’s critical to take the right steps to do it right. Taking some basic steps will help to ensure that the job is done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly—correctly. Here are some helpful tips:


  1. Focus on the foundation

As when building a house or doing other construction tasks, it’s critical that the foundation be sturdy. This can’t be stressed enough. The main purpose is so the pavement can withstand the weight of people walking over it, and vehicles rolling over it. On the other hand, if the foundation isn’t sturdy enough, then you’ll need to do repairs and even replace the entire pavement sooner rather than later. That can end up costing a small fortune, so it’s best to make sure the foundation is solid to begin with.


  1. Dig out the area to a depth of 20 in.

The purpose is actually related to providing the pavement with a strong foundation. When you get to 20 in. below the surface, the soil there will be much more compact. This will provide a sturdy base for your asphalt. After you get to this area, use a hand tamper to ensure that the soil is forming a solid base. Next, use a level to ensure that the soil at the base is totally flat.


  1. Use filter fabric/landscaping fabric to cover the excavated area

There are several reasons for taking this step. The fabric helps to prevent weeds from growing upwards into the asphalt, which can be a hassle to deal with. Another benefit is that this helps to improve the drainage of rainwater. That, in turn, will help to extend the life of the pavement.


  1. Consider a “chip seal” for adding protection

This is created by changing the water composition of the asphalt, to create more cold-resistant types. It’s manufactured from asphalt in which water has replaced 30% of the regular asphalt. Then when the asphalt is laid, the heat causes water in the mixture to change from liquid to gas. The end result is a more resistant finish.


  1. Remember the importance of timing

There are many issues to consider in order to get this part right. It’s highly advisable that you plan the insulation for warm weather, as it will help to ensure that the asphalt cures well. Also, keep an eye on the weather report, as it’s critical that the environmental conditional be dry when laying asphalt.


  1. Consider hiring a contractor

While laying asphalt can be a Do It Yourself (DIY) project, it’s typically isn’t. Thus, you should certainly consider hiring a contract, as he’ll have the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to do the job properly. While this isn’t to say that the results could be good if it’s a DIY job, there’s no guarantee if you don’t have the know-how and experience.


The decision is basically one that you should make carefully. Consider the time, effort, and money required for install.


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