Driveway Paving

Asphalt Paving or Cement For Your Driveway

Building a dream house is not quite easy. Time, effort, energy and money are all exhausted for you to have enough budget to build the house of your dreams. Having your house designed by an architect will cost you much. However, you can opt to design the house on your own. The façade of your house is the front liner, so we need to make sure that it is pleasing to look at. A part of this is your driveway. You need to choose the materials best for your driveway; asphalt and cement are the most commonly used. How are you going to design your driveway? How about the materials that are needed to be used either asphalt paving or cement? For us to find out, we should have a comparison of both materials and decide which is which.

First thing to consider is the cost. How much is the difference between the asphalt Paving  from cement?You can do canvassing online for you to have an idea. Most probably, Asphalt is cheaper than Cement, but cement brings out more elegance. Also, asphalt can be repaired easily and can be tinted. So, it’s up to you to decide.

cost you for the maintenance

Next, how much would it cost you for the maintenance? In maintaining the aesthetic and durability of your driveway, you should choose the one which is more durable.Concrete requires a little upkeep compared to asphalt. However, it is easier to fix cracks from asphalt than that of concrete. And in cases of oil and gas leaks, it is best to have asphalt; considering it comes in dark colour, having oil leaks and gasses will not be that obvious. Concrete driveways stain easily due to their light colour,which is hard to remove later on. Asphalt has oil in its component hence, we can make sure that it is more durable than concrete. Asphalt also is the first of most house owners since it is budget friendly and reliable in times of frost heaves.

Another thing that we need to consider is the weather. Winter weather causes damage to your cars’ wheels and driveway. Frost heaves at times causes tires make painful washboard sounds which is very damaging. Asphalt pavements adapt to cold weather more than that of cement and cannot be easily damaged when used with salt.

Asphalt or Cement

Whether Asphalt or Cement, each material still needs to be regularly maintained.Observing proper maintenance and proper handling of these materials will definitely give you durability and long life of your driveway. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you to decide. You can do a cost benefit analysis to help you out in choosing what’s best for you. Each of which has pros and cons for you to consider. Not one is perfect over the other, so it’s up to you to choose. Hence, no matter how expensive or cheap it is, just make sure to take good care of it for it to last longer than expected.


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